Lording it over the sandbox at 22

I haven’t stopped eating since seven o’clock in the morning. Maybe everyone chose this day to bring something for breakfast to thwart my plans for dieting. But since the food is there… oh well. We can’t let it go to waste, can we? =) Elly also treated us all to coffee. Yay! Black coffee, yum! I’ve gone through the big cup she gave me so sometime in the next half-hour you’ll see me walking to the lounge to torture the coffee-maker.

Tita Villa organized this picnic last night and asked me to tag along. Kuya Nonon was there but he left early because of “duties” (I’m going next week I swear). I met someone new, Macbeth, who’s about my age and is incredibly pretty. There was also Keesha, who’s five-years old and and very active. There was no one else in the playground so Keesha and I had a lot of fun taking over the sandbox. And, yes, I seriously played: swings, slides, monkey bars, the works. I figured I needed the exercise even if I probably looked funny doing all that in my work clothes. It sure is a lot more fun than the boring treadmill.

[I could do this everyday! It’ll be my workout, haha. But the crabby park overseer will most probably throw me out.]

My contract is taking AGES for them to complete. The national summer vacation is a very bad period to process anything. It get’s really frustrating sometimes. =P But as long as they can pay me on time this coming payday it’s all right. I won’t even mind the loooooong walks everyday to Local Recruitment in the middle of summer. My diploma got a few laughs from everyone due to its size (she has something as big as the bulletin board but we said no, hahaha!). That’s AdMU for you.


I’ve been thinking about diplomacy and all the terms people use to make things sound more attractive. Don’t get fooled by how flattering statements sound. It could be an in-your-face insult wrapped in pretty paper. =)

I’m good with that, too. 0=)

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