That Semi-secluded Spot

In Vince O. Teves’ book, Vince’s Life, he and his girlfriend Andrea used to meet and bond in a semi-secluded spot somewhere in their school.

I used to have my own semi-secluded spot. And, no, I was no Andrea because I did not have a Vince at the time (Jet appeared 6 years later). My secret place was somewhere in the middle of Ateneo de Manila’s Eagles Park, between Gate 3 and Gate 2.5. One has to leave the path to find it, and the funny-shaped rock that doubles as a bench is hidden behind an extra large bush so no one could actually see you. A nearby tree provides shade over the spot.

I liked staying there for at least half an hour after or in-between classes to just read and chill. I never saw anyone there and thought that maybe I alone knew where it was. I even brought my friends Faith and Pio there one weekend to just chat while sitting on the grass. I really loved that place.

… Until I found a used yucky condom lying blatantly on the rock–which ruined all the magic.

Geez, people. Why at school???


The above account was actually written because I approve of including Sex Education in our country’s High School curriculum. We all need it. I know that we’re all supposed to be decent, God-fearing, and pure and all, but knowledge does not always imply application.

In truth, this type of knowledge would only help the Department of Health convince 90% of the population that there are such things as “birth control” and “family planning”. Just think about the future! In a few decades, one would see the favorable results: the slowing of our extraordinary population growth. Seriously, we only have so much islands to live in and the real estate isn’t that grand if you’re the type who loves big spaces.

How some factions try to stop this from happening depresses me. And angers me. I cannot believe these people (who claim to be working for the greater good) are convinced that denying the young citizens from their right to know to control their future family lives is reasonable.

And it would at least teach people to dispose of condoms in an environmentally-friendly manner.


I can eat a box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins. And more.

I spent the night and most of the next day at Ina’s place and she was amazed at how much food a girl could possibly ingest. She ate next to nothing the whole day while I ate like a 6-feet tall basketball player. *sighs* Even my metabolism seems to be complaining.


What does one do when one’s peaceful existence is bothered by persons-who-just-do-not-know-better?

I was recently alerted to a very odd thing. I felt insulted, funny, and pity at the same time and I had some amusing time deciding what to do as several people had differing opinions on that matter. I just decided to leave it alone and let karma take over.

And if those types get too annoying, I could always wave my magic wand and turn them into jologs. Haha. Or if they already are, into Lacoste models (to replace the crocodile).

(Would you? Could you?
In a fight?
Eat them! Eat them!
Here they are.

I do not like them,

Yep, I just murdered Dr. Seuss’ perfect Green Eggs and Ham. But that’s just me. =)


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