Traumatic Memory (haha)

Around three to four years ago, when I still went to Ateneo and thought that the world started and ended at Loyola Heights, I used to go to Starbucks often to study with the girls. Starbucks Katipunan was my 2nd home. It was really a study/chika hall disguised as a coffee shop. Everyone met there to do all the required school stuff from 6am ’til way past midnight. I even did my people-sketching there, hehe, and met a lot of curious folks who were wondering why I was staring at them.

Anyway, there was a night when I was there to actually and truly study–not to gossip and drink my passion tea while holding my 1-ton Accounting book to appease my conscience. Alet and Trish were with me when, suddenly, the Robbie Williams’ look-alike who also happened to be the-passion-of-Tricia’s-life arrived.

Tricia: (stage whisper) ALEEEET. That’s him!!! *squirms*

Alet was confirmed legally blind but still refused to wear her glasses. So she blinked rapidly and (loudly) whispered:

Alet: Where???
Tricia: At the counter!
Alet: Wait! *wears glasses* AHHH! Is that him?
Tricia: Yes!
Alet: *blinks owlishly*
Tricia: Isn’t he cute?
Alet: The bald guy! The tall, bald guy?
Tricia: Yes! YES! YES!!!

And while all these went on (they were staring at him unashamedly by now), Robbie started to fidget and sweat, wondering why the two creepy girls were so fixated on him. Meanwhile, I was innocently trying to balance my spreadsheet when my “friends” realized that he has noticed (ahaha). And their solution?

Tricia: Ah… *slaps my knee* Uuuy! STEFFI, nandiyan crush mo!
Alet: (who caught up quickly the biatch) Uuuuuuyyy!! Steffiiii…
Me: Huh?

Poor Robbie glanced at me like I was some kind of weird stalker and left the counter with relief, cradling his frappuccino.

And until now, years later, he still remembers me as the-girl-who-has-a-crush-on-him. Wahaha… I really wouldn’t mind, but he’s not even cute! He does look like Robbie Williams–if the singer was flattened by a truck (especially around the head). Ahahaha! Oops, sorry Trish. *lol*

I knew Trish just needed to get revenge for that Tyrannosaurus-evolves-into-chicken story.

= =

Speaking of Ateneo, I have to get a new diploma. “Battered” would not even begin to describe that over-large piece of parchment with a bunch of gibberish (they call Latin) written over it. I used to carry it with me all the time back and forth due to job requirements and all those blahs. Only this time, I forgot to take it with me, and I badly need it now! So I asked Jet to bring it with him.

Anyway, my Mom doesn’t have anything to frame to prove that I actually spent four years toiling, sweating, torturing my well-being, and squandering our family savings in my lovely, lovely school. So I need to have a new one done. =P I’ll tell them I lost it.

But, really, I loved Ateneo. I still do. I went there a few weeks ago with Jet and we had a great time while I showed him all my former hangouts and favorite places. We even ate in the school cafeteria! We blended in quite well; I figured we both still looked around 18. *sniggers*

The campus is as beautiful as before. If I had some extra millions to give, I’d donate it to refurbish the Rizal Library and not spend a hundred thousand US dollars to buy an NBA All Stars court for the spoiled Men’s Basketball Varsity team (ok, fine, so it was Alumni money).

But the Church of the Gesu (aka Pyramid of the Gizzard) is really something else. Don’t forget to visit it if you ever find youself around Katipunan. =)


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