I’ve been marathon-eating for a week. The abundance of non-organic yummy food in Riyadh is unhealthy for anyone who wants to remain thin. I love my current outfit, but I was probably too optimistic when I bought it at Mango. No matter how thin I get, I’ll never be petite, which is the size of the shirt. =P

[Dad: Magpasalamat ka hindi ka pandak!]

… and if I gain 1/100 of a pound, the buttons would pop off. Hehe.

[Dad: Anong diet dyan? Kumain ka! Ang payat-payat mo!]

I think the coffee we make in this department is a tad too strong. I just had a cup yesterday and I spent the rest of the night rattling around my room. I tried to finish The Dante Club (by Matthew Pearl) and though I loved the story in spite of the dragging plot, and I just adore the characters, especially Longfellow, I couldn’t get myself to sit and read for more than 15 minutes.

Speaking of The Dante Club, I’ve always wanted to read Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Now, I love poetry. I adore poetry. But the longest I’ve probably read were Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese (I’m not counting high school Shakespeare; everyone and his grandmother has read the Bard). Going through three books of verse is going to take more patience than I’m used to.

And since I’m talking about reading here, I just finished The Sandman last week! I have this sudden urge to announce something monumental and spoil the ending for any future reader… But I won’t. I love Neil Gaiman that much. *sigh* If you’re as desperate as I am to read it, wouldn’t mind having it on PDF, and wouldn’t want to spend gazillions of money on the printed comics, contact me. I might actually send you a cd.

[Now everytime I hear a voice in my head, or I get this really fantastic dream that’s more than real, I could always say that it’s Morpheus at work. Or Dream of the Endless, whichever you prefer. =D]


2 thoughts on “Asides

  1. ola steffisan!

    la lang. dragging nga yung plot ng dante club. that’s why i never got around to finishing the damn book. my tita has a copy kasi. hehe.

    and you HAVE to read Inferno!!! Kahit yun lang!!! It’s awesome! 😀

  2. i haven’t finished it yet!! =O haha… but i will. i haven’t left a book unfinished yet in my whole life.

    trish, you have to finish sandman. ang ganda talaga! gaiman’s an effing genius.

    i’ll add the divine comedy to my reading list. i haven’t even organized that yet. =)

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