Back to Work

The last part of my vacation was pure FUN. It was hard to make all the plans and trips fit within the 13 days that I stayed in Manila. After spending 2/3 of my break doing purely family stuff in Pangasinan, I was grateful for a few days to bond with my friends and visit my favorite places in Metro Manila. And be with Jet, of course. How could I forget? =)

It wasn’t easy cramming all our gimiks and trips within those 13 days. The incessant raining didn’t help; I even got sick, lost my voice, got a temperature, and croaked through my last three days. And since both Jet and I were pretty clueless about going around the city, we bought a roadmap so I could tell him where to turn as he drove. Needless to say, we wasted a lot of time and gas getting lost and finding our way back. It’s a credit to his patience that he never lost his temper even once. =) Yup, I have that kind of relationship with maps. =P Anyway, to sum up everything: Eastwood, Makati, Hundred Islands, Enchanted Kingdom, foodtrips, soundtrips, movies, and countless unplanned “lakads”.

There’s one weird thing: I couldn’t seem to get myself to like alcohol again. I was all ready to get smashed and crazy but I couldn’t even get through a bottle of San Mig Light! Gads! Haha… I think my past two years of clean-living somehow got into my system and now I can’t even stand the smell of vodka. So I gave away all the stuff I bought at Dubai Duty Free and let Dad and his friends have fun with them.

It was wonderful to see some of my friends again. I didn’t get to see half of the friends I wanted to see but the days were so limited. =( I’ll make it up to them when i get back in a few months (the date would be the decision of my new department).

= =

The apartment seems so empty without baby Sofia and Jiko. I’ve gotten used to the noise somehow. But I know better than anyone that the homesickness will get better in a while. I should be used to it by now.

Now, to describe my current situation… I love it so far. =) Everyone I work with seems to be really nice, especially Tita Villa. I work for a great chairman, and they’re letting me adjust to my pace. The office space isn’t bad either.

[Everyone said I lost lots of weight. =D I’m pleased beyond words. But just sitting in Pinas is equivalent to doing cardio in the gym; the sweat just POURS.]

I was eating lunch in the coffee lounge one afternoon when two neurosurgeons came in. One was loudly and cheerfully discussing the process of draining fluids from the brain. I listened avidly, grinned, and dug into my macaroni (which suddenly started to look like a mashed brain).

Later, the same doctor turned to me and asked:

“So, what industry were you in before? The cotton industry?”

To which I replied, “I used to work with the Heart people.”

“Oh, okay.” Then he slapped his forehead and laughed. “What am I saying?? There’s no cotton industry in Saudi Arabia. Hahaha!!!”

I like them already.


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