I j’adore the Sandman

It’s well known to anyone close to me that I love, adore, and worship Neil Gaiman. Strange, because I don’t give a f8ck about the details of his personal life. Actually, I’ve seen his pic once (not bad), but I don’t really care what he looks like. The books are more than enough. So far, of the three I’ve read, I rank “Stardust” as the best, “Neverwhere” following a close second, and finally, “American Gods” as a very close third. I still have to get a copy of his newest: “Anansi’s Boys”. But I have that reserved for my 12-hour stopover wait in Dubai along with Book 2 of the Bartimaeus Trilogy.

Anyway, the reason why I started ranting and raving about Neil Gaiman is… the Sandman. This is what made Neil Gaiman. Yes, Trish has given me a cd of the complete Sandman comics saved in PDF format. In print, it would have cost me a fortune. Thank God for online freebies. And thanks to the unknown individual who took the time to scan and compile every single glorious page of the comic series.

I love it! I love it! I love it! I love Morpheus. I love Hell. I love Cain and Abel and the whole deranged lot. I love Neil Gaiman!!! And I’m only in book 4. *sighs* 71 more to go. This is heaven. =)

Sandman somehow wants to make me write again. I haven’t written fiction in almost two years. It used to be such a big part of my life, such a well-loved hobby that I don’t know how I just decided to suddenly stop. My writer’s block had no reason or basis. Somehow, after that, I couldn’t even write a paragraph when I used to write easily and actually make it sound amusing. I miss it still. And last week’s conversation with Trish, where we discussed almost everything I ever wrote, made it seem possible again. What would I do without Trish and Alet? They’re my editors, my sounding boards, my wacky idea sources, and my most loyal supporters.

It’s like painting.

Hopefully, like swimming or riding a bicycle, once one learns how to do it, one would never forget. =D

= =

8 days until I see Jet again. I must seem like an obsessive girlfriend, hehe. But a month of distance can be quite trying. Especially when you pass couples everywhere doing PDA. *inggit* Ah, Pinas… the freedom and lack of discipline can be amazing.

I was in Metro Manila for a few days last week. Alet celebrated her birthday with a few friends and we all had fun eating dinner at The Chocolate Kiss (foodtrip!) and reminiscing all about our stupid and glorious college years. It was difficult lugging the big Burberry backpack around while wearing a miniskirt, but it was worth it. Oh, Alet and I were also drenched that same afternoon. While walking from the Loyola Gym to the SEC complex in Ateneo, the rain just POURED. And the nearest shelter was far away! In spite of our best efforts, we crawled to JG-SOM looking like drowned rats. So much for trying to look pretty.

We did have fun. =) But we didn’t go out for an all-night gimik or anything. For some reason, now that I’m here, my lust for alcohol just disappeared. I think my forced clean-living habits in Riyadh actually influenced me. And Alet’s car is still in the workshop and we really didn’t want to stay out late without transpo. Gads, I’m ruining my reputation, hahaha… But I’ll make up for it. =) I promised Jet that I’d take him everywhere. I can’t wait for July. =)


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