Tabula Rasa

Last night, Dad gave me the good news: we would be flying out of Riyadh to Manila (with a Dubai stopover) on the night of the 30th, Tuesday. So it’s final. I’m really going home. =) For six weeks anyway.

There are many things I hate about the Philippines. I can’t stand long commutes, the city pollution, the smell of the crowd of people squashed in an LRT car, the temperature, the HUMIDITY (note the emphasis–I’ve been spoiled by the Riyadh dryness), the HEAT, the endless political mindf*ck, the labor laws… I could go on and on. But it’s still home. =)

But the best thing about Pinas is that it’s mine. Or at least a part of it is mine. Pinas entails FREEDOM: eating in a restaurant with anyone I choose to eat with, wearing anything I want without an abaya, staying out until I feel like going home, drowning myself in gimiks and cocktails until someone picks me up and drops me on the bed, going anywhere alone … Just the thought of experiencing it all over again is making me smile right now–and I’m not in a happy mood which shall be explained later. It’s like being a college dormer without the classes.

I’m determined to make every single day of the six-weeks count. Even if that means shelling out more money than I’m used to. Because, of course, shopping will be a necessity. =P But books are cheaper there, so are skirts and the kind of tee-shirts that I’ll never find here. Shoes too. =D

And the reason why I’m in a less-than-fabulous mood? Because I’m doing required OT. I was supposed to work until Wednesday but since I’ll be on a plane by then I have to make up the hours by working OT until Monday. Pfft.

The flight is long and I dislike, no, ABHOR long flights. I always imagine that the pilot’s going to faint and bonk his head on the controls, or his co-pilot would make some stupid mistake, or a ridiculously vision-impaird bird will fly into one of the propellers, or some incredibly vital part in the machinery will combust, or we’ll fly directly into a sudden hurricane, etc. In short, I always imagine that I’m going to die. =D Hehe. Cheerful thought. But that’s reality, I *hate* flying. Now there’s a reason why I was never interested in being a flight attendant. Each tiny turbulence and bumping sensation could cause massive waves of panic.

Good thing I’m flying with my family. I used to fly alone all the time, and strangers always freaked out whenever I grabbed them in a death-grip and screamed. Poor seatmates.

= =

There’s one important detail that makes everything less-than-perfect. I know I’m going to sound horrendously typical but it’s true anyway so I may as well say it. I’m going to miss Jet. =( =P

It’s just that we always make it a point to see each other at least 2x a week–which isn’t that often, really, but this *is* Riyadh and we’re both busy. Still, we manage to talk a lot throughout the day everyday through epic emails, phone calls, and text messages. For almost seven months I’ve never slept without hearing him say good night, or failed to greet him good morning everyday. Being in a different country will make things more difficult. I don’t even have regular internet at home and the computer there sucks!!! *wah*

That’s it. If I can’t call Jet as often or talk to him as much as I’m used to do, I could at least email faithfully. Which means that I must bring James–my gorgeous Dell laptop and other-boyfriend James. That’s another handcarry bag for me to worry about.

See, this is just a month of separation. And I’m reacting like a mushi-emo person, someone I’ve never been in all my apathetic life. Good thing Jet’s joining me in Manila by the first of July so we could make up for everything.

Still, this isn’t a good sign. How am I going to survive a long-distance relationship next year when he goes back to Pinas for college? I’m not saying that I’ll be unfaithful. Or give up, put everything aside, and find a new boyfriend who’ll stick around because I honestly don’t want anyone else *euw*. I’m just realizing that it’s going to be very hard.

I suddenly remember Dad’s unfunny joke: “Being a long-distance girlfriend is a lot like being an OFW’s wife.” I winced because it was true. But we can take it… I guess I’ll just have to keep myself busy, and I have enough concerns in my life to ensure that I will be.

Jet, you’re lucky I love you. =) *mwah* But I guess that makes me lucky, too.

= =

Speaking of luck, we literally are both quite blessed with it. Just two days after I discussed my Neurosciences transfer with Jet and told him I accepted the job, the company he’s been lusting after called and gave him a really good offer. The coincidence is funny. =) Lucky, lucky, lucky. =D


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