Underwear bloopers… and other such fun stuff

Sofia, my one-year old baby sister, is pretty diplomatic most of the time. Granted, she’s the most hyperactive dynamo I have ever encountered. The most intelligent, too! But I’ve never really had any problems with her public relations skills until recently.

She has developed a strange unending fascination for underwear. Particularly mine. I hate granny-ish undies (like those uber frothy kitschy ones =P). As I have a penchant for brightly-colored fancy ones, the type marketed to teenagers with rich parents, Sofia seems to consider them as a replacement for toys. More than once, she threw everything out of my UW drawer and scattered them all over the room while (diabolically) laughing with (evil) glee. And while this causes more than one of my veins to pop out, my unhelpful brother Jiko finds it endlessly amusing.

It gets worse… she ran out of my room carrying a couple of you-know-whats while Jet and Ryan were fetching Jiko. *sighs* I still haven’t recovered completely from that incident.

= =

Shine told me an amusing story that I couldn’t resist retelling here. She was with Jovett when they ran into someone…

Shine: Hi Tita!
Anonymous Female: Hi!
Shine: (puts hand on other girl’s midsection) Wow, ilang buwan na ‘to?
Anonymous Angry Female: Hindi ako buntis!
Jovett: *snorts*chokes*laughs*
Shine: o_o (!!!) *dies*


2 thoughts on “Underwear bloopers… and other such fun stuff

  1. all kids go through that phase…

    when we just arrived here sa UAE and gab was just one, guess what he was waving like a maniac around all our new houseguests/neighbors while i was sleeping?!

  2. hahaha! gabby really did that? wow, he must be made of the same stuff as sofia. jiko can be really annoying (especially today because he did not even lift a finger to help me clean) but in spite of his legendary kakulitan before, he never touched my underwear drawer.

    i think sofia just loves the colors. but it was honestly also funny to see her play with them. i’m just the unlucky victim because she never does it to anyone else’s things (not even mom’s).

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