Assorted Blahs: Work, Photography, Money, and the like

I am going to transfer departments soon. Neurosciences accepted my application and I might start work there as soon as I get back from my vacation. So now, my last working week for the Heart Institute would be next week. This is why I’m slaving over everything so I could finish as much work as I could before I leave for Manila. Everyone, especially Margaret, is panicking–what with the upcoming administrative division (trans. reorganization) and the globs (yes GLOBS) of pending Saudi License applications, I have more than enough to occupy my work time (and beyond) for the rest of this week until next.

Then is it too much to ask for people to have a little common sense??? At this point, I’m ready to break something if anyone else comes in with another mistaken submission because I am SICK of going over pages and pages of requirements that they were supposed to check for themselves. Everything is there to READ. Margaret was right. My presence has spoiled them.

But aside from minor annoyances, everything has been great. Neuro’s offering higher pay and more benefits once the visa’s worked out. And I feel that I really need a change. The Heart Institute is busy, understaffed, chaotic, and has unending convoluted political issues. But at the same time, it’s home, in a way… I love the people, the challenges, even the pressure and the workload. It suits me. =) But I figured that I waited long enough for them to fulfill their (still unfulfilled) promises. CCC told me he was sorry to see me go but they couldn’t match Neuro’s offer. Perhaps, the change would do me good. My work morale’s been down lately.

= =

Last Friday, I tagged along with Jovett and showed up, as promised, at Shine’s Photography class graduation. They held an exhibition/contest and we came to see her work and everything else that was there. The day was pretty entertaining. We met a lot of people, particularly photographers, and the way they just kept on taking stolen photos of everyone was really amusing. I must have had a hundred pics of me taken, and I’m sure I look funny in most of them. Hehe.

The day was good in spite of the summer heat. I spent most of the afternoon wishing I had brought a scrunchy or a rubber band with me to tie my copious amounts of hair. It was a learning experience: I didn’t know that people could melt like ice cream under the sun. Or maybe it was just me.

I had one awkward encounter. But diplomacy’s pretty easy, especially when one is prepared for anything.

= =

I feel like I’ve spent so much money these past weeks it’s making me depressed. I don’t like spending money. I’m far from being a Scrooge but I like the feeling of having a lot of emergency backup. =) Especially now that I’m going for my yearly vacation–everything costs a lot when one is in Pinas.

I didn’t really spend them on myself. Most of it went to the groceries, Mom’s stuff that I couldn’t resist buying for her because she needed them, miscellaneous family stuff, and the like.

=S I shouldn’t complain. This is really good for my diet. Now I don’t spend anything on food at all because I have no ready cash left. Hahaha! And I don’t even bring my cards with me anymore.

I’m planning my projected expenses in the Philippines so I would know how many Riyals I would have to convert to USD. Just seeing how much I’m going to have to dole out (plus the unplanned stuff that’s sure to come up) is making me sad all over again. Hahaha… I should have been a banker. Or the Philippines’ national budget adviser.


2 thoughts on “Assorted Blahs: Work, Photography, Money, and the like

  1. I had one awkward encounter. But diplomacy’s pretty easy, especially when one is prepared for anything.

    HA-HA-HA!!! parang kilala ko kung sino ito LOL

    my MORALE at work is in hell already… UWI NAKO! PLZ

  2. Hahaha! Hindi ako magkukuwento dito sa blog ko. =D Pero you can ask me later. =D

    I know. =( I feel for you. You haven’t gone home for such a long time. They NEED to give you your vacation.

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