Dirty Little Secret

Last Monday’s hang-out-with-friends night was almost perfect. Almost because there were two minor disturbances:

1. Talampakan* showed up looking ridiculously jealous. Hehehe.
2. An embarrassing video of me was taken.

And because Ina is Ina, Jet is Jet, and Vinz is Vinz, my dear bebe and the two evil Racelis brothers just had to save the copy of that horrid (urgh) clip and make a music video with some added features. *wah*

But because I am a good sport, here’s the video:

Steffi’s Lovely (grr) Moments
Courtesy of Vinz.
Song: Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects.

Later, my family and I will be going to their house and I can’t wait to take EBIL videos of Jet and Vinz. Especially Jet. *diabolical laughter*

= =

*Talampakan – A certain indecisive individual too immature for his age. And I do mean AAAAAAGGGGEEE. >=)


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