caffeine addiction et al (sans caps)

i have become a slave to black coffee. ever since i got curious about margaret’s morning food obsession, it didn’t take long for me to get hooked to black coffee and bran muffins. and if muffins aren’t available, then the next low-fat alternative would do.

seriously, my eyes remain half-closed and i’m lethargic the whole day without my caffeine shot. it’s like NEEDING to brush my teeth after lunch–i simply cannot work without coffee anymore.

sometimes, i do drink a lot more than i can take. like the last time i was with dr halees, i was skipping lunch and gulping two grande starbucks black coffee per workday. the after-effect was quite funny: i was ordering food one afternoon and noticed that both my hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably. haha…

= =

i just realized that i’m going back home (pinas! yes!) in just a little more than two weeks. my pending work has not diminished and i really have to work on getting everything done before leaving. *wah* the next two weeks are going to be uber-stressful.

but i probably need it. i need to be THIN by the first of june. i’m sick of hearing “wow tumaba ka!” from relatives who don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. i want a “wow! ang payat mo!!!” for once. make any chubby jokes and i’ll take out my swiss knife. grrr.

jet says i’m paranoid because i’m far from fat. maybe. but i’m gearing up for puerto galera. maybe i should stop eating altogether? hahaha… that was a joke, by the way, before i get sued for advocating anorexia.

(i need to see my pinas friends so badly! i miss you all!)

i think the body shop (in faisaliyah) has banned me and my mom from shopping there forever. hahaha! the other night, everything just seemed to go wrong! the samples kept on falling to the floor and i could almost see the veins throbbing on the branch manager’s temple every time they had to pick up after me. oops! clumsy. *lol* we did buy a lipstick and one eyeshadow tray. but they were only too happy to see us leave. =D

i’m seeing some of my friends after work today. it’ll be a good opportunity to tease ryan about his “music video” (starring him, moby, and jet’s feet–directed by vinz). =D

oh yes, before i forget, i got a pretty big bonus at work. it just about made my week. =D now i beter start working on this pending before i get swallowed up by paper.


3 thoughts on “caffeine addiction et al (sans caps)

  1. bonus = treat! treat! treat! long will you be there?

    drop by here on the way back and get me some lanzones. or yema. or fishballs.


  2. dia: i would just *love* to pass by dubai. i haven’t seen you guys for AGES. wah! actually ikaw and vlad one year pa lang, hehehe. but i miss gabby, patty, and tita lucy. it depends whether i’m taking emirates. =(

    vinz: delayed ka na naman??!!! is there someone in your company you’d like me to shoot?

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