Friendster torture

I hope you have patience, because this is going to be painful.

I’m not addicted to Friendster but I like it well enough to keep an updated profile with some pretty amusing content. It takes work to build a profile.

So you can imagine how I felt when I opened my account and discovered that some IDIOTA changed everything (!!!) in my profile!

Suddenly I was a married, unfaithful, bisexual male who watches Batibot and Gulong ng Palad, and listens to Aegis’ Luha. I was also supposed to be hot, sexy, agressive, and ma-L (malibog to the unenlightened) who was endlessly searching for the same type of person. The moron did not even spell a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e correctly. I concluded that the person who did this wanted me to look like a Slut to anyone who viewed my page.

I almost feel sorry for the idiot. This person must have major issues. I know there’s something weird going on with my company’s network so we sometimes accidentally log into someone else’s profile. It happened to me hundreds of times but I’ve always left theirs alone out of respect. The aforementioned IDIOT must really, really hate me so he/she took the opportunity to spite me after my profile opened up randomly. =)

Mamatay ka sa inggit, bobo!

If I ever find out who did this, I’m going to enjoy thinking up several ways of inflicting torture. *growls*

At least half of the fake profile description were compliments. But that’s not enough to appease me.


2 thoughts on “Friendster torture

  1. haha…omg, you got punked 🙂

    any ideas on who did it?

    yeah, i agree the ignorance demonstrated is pitiful…but then you must have some ideas for revenge…

  2. it’s sad but i don’t have any idea. that’s the problem. faisal has thousands of pinoy employees. it could be anyone.

    my friend got punked by the same idiot because he/she did hers in an almost identical manner as mine. i think it’s someone we know who, for some reason, secretly hates us. or maybe he/she (most probably she) just feels *very* insecure. ehehe… =D

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