What’s a red fat suit doing in my subconscious?

I spent most of the day arguing with Jet while cooing at him at the same time because he was at home sick and so wawa. Oh yes, and I was working, too (Kuya is back and it’s Margaret’s b-day). *sighs* I’m not exactly sure how I got through this (usual) toxic day.

Anyway, when I say “argue”, it meant that we spent around 2 hours explaining our sides in soft voices–as opposed to my usual hotheaded discussions with friends who’re more or less like me. One cannot lose one’s temper with the PB. It’s impossible.

I did mention once that we sent emails to each other everyday. Some may think that they’re filled with sweet nonsense but, haha, they’re NOT. Hah. A couple of excerpts (from me):

I had this really weird dream about my mom’s past life. That during caveman days, the caveman version of my mom was a legend of some sort because she made this long epic journey and discovered the caveman version of the bible. And that was just part one of my dream. Part two consisted of me in Paris, and I was living with a bunch of other crazy people including one who was eternally in a red fat suit. Do you think that if I novelize my dreams I’d earn money?

… What else? I’m so fat these days. Soon, you’d be able to roll me down the stairs. And after a while, you can launch me off to space and I’d revolve obediently around the earth.

Speaking of weirdness, Alet proposed that Trish and I accompany her to Surigao. Specifically, to the nude beaches! *grins* It’s insane, yes, but why am I going to go? Because it’s probably my last chance to show off in a nude beach while I’m still in my 20s. Haha… But I’m wearing sunglasses for disguise so that’s not exactly nude. Hmmm… should I get a Brazilian wax? (PB feels weird about the beach idea. lol)

That was the perfect inspiration to be more faithful to my d-i-e-t because I cannot show up as I am right now. Arrrggghhh. Standard size 6, here I come. (Or else!)

Random thought of the day: Have you noticed that when you get a zit, everything else, including your personality, ceases to exist? You go through the usual motions of eating, working, walking… but somehow, you feel as if you’re not there, that when people look at you, they do not see you, your hair, or even your expensive clothes or Nine West shoes. They only see The Zit.


3 thoughts on “What’s a red fat suit doing in my subconscious?

  1. Seriously…the nude beach trip is the perfect inspiration to lose weight. LOL

    When are you coming again steph? So I can set a deadline for my diet. haha 😛

  2. b wax – my friend took a course in aesthetics and she knows how to do that professionally….pretty weird and freaky tho if you ask ur friend to do that….i imagine it would sever your friendship and go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past all accepted social confines….

  3. Trish:

    Hehe. Yes. Imagine prancing about commando with little “extras”. Aaarrrgh! I hate the treadmill, seriously. But it works. =P

    I’ll be there probably by the 1st or 2nd week of June. If I’m not thin by then I wouldn’t show my face to you. *lol* Just kidding. =)


    Hmmm… I would let a friend do it. Depends on the friend of course. Hahaha! But I prefer a stranger. =D

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