Bite me

I was reading my posts in my previous blog (the location is a secret known only to the despots of certain countries). And I suddenly thought: o_o This is great! But I think I was much wittier last year.

Yes. Ego. Bite me.

Anyway, I read it because I couldn’t remember what it was like before couplehood came and spread its doom over all aspects of my life. Kidding, Jet. But really, I just suddenly BLANKED when Ina asked me about “life before the BF”.

And my conclusion? It wasn’t too different from the present. I was happy, busy, etc., etc. Admittedly, now is much better because of certain perks. =) …And I’m talking about entirely wholesome perks, like having someone who’ll send silly pics to my phone when he knows I’m feeling awfully down during work just to give me a reason to smile. (You manyakises you.)

Committed. But. Still independent. Still diverse. Space. *hiss* Yes, the last time I checked. I’m relieved. =)

But I love “now”. I really do. =)

Speaking of the old blog, I miss some of the stuff and the people I used to talk about. Of course, I’m still haunted by some of the old ghosts until here. Like Bavarian Doughnut. But he’s a classic. I almost couldn’t imagine life without the BV. *dies laughing* I haven’t even given the others nicknames! But they can wait. Ina’s giving me funny looks. Have I mentioned that I’m stealing her internet time?


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