Moms + boyfriends + kids = ? (and etc.)

According to one of my wisest (naks!) friends, Tita Agnes, one parent will always be resistant to a female child’s first relationship with another, so one must give time for that parent to adjust; even if one’s patience is tested by several techniques of “tampo” by that parent.

She’s panicking. But it’s not really her fault. How else could she react when she arrived and found herself witnessing a stable (quite) association made by her previously self-centered daughter? *sighs*

I’m really bad with parents–normal parents. I never know how to deal with them, even if I do love/adore/respect/etc my mother. (People like Dad aka. ex-hippies don’t count.) When one spends most of one’s young adult life away, they tend to hold on and feel that one’s 13 and not 22.

Ma: Do you really need to see him 2-3x a week?
S: Yes. *sighs* Ma… If you don’t want to see us–
Ma: Hindi yun. Maybe you should minimize it. Kami ng Daddy mo every other week lang noon nagkikita.
S: Hindi ko kaya yun! Haha… (Pause) I spend loads of time with work, my other friends, and my hobbies. We *need* time.
Ma: Baka “magsawa” kayo.
S: Hindi kami magsasawa. Moooooommm…. This is Riyadh! We don’t spend time outside at all.
Ma: Hmph. =P Sige.

The above convo was so textbook parent-child thing I almost couldn’t believe it happened. But it’s not him. It’s me. She’s not used to me now. I could be attached to anyone and she’d react the same way.

But we made a compromise: I will act less “aggressive”, and she’ll try to get over her “tampo” and get to know Jet better. I feel confident enough that anyone who knows him would like him.


But it’ll take some time before we all sing “We are the World” together. Thankfully, I have a patient PB who’s doing everything he can. End of story will come later.

All these made me think of how I’ll be as a Mom. I’ll probably be like my dad: atypical. My kids will wonder what they did to insult their Maker to end up with a mother like me. *lol* No, seriously, I’ll be good and behave. I’ll even be responsible and try not to be a BI. And I will resist all urges to bring them along to noisy parties with booze. *kidding* But don’t expect me to make life difficult for my kids. As long as they’re happy, everyone’s happy, they graduate on time with good grades, they don’t step on other people’s shoes, and they have the decency to hide things from me even when everyone knows about “things”, I’m fine.

Gads, kids. I love kids to death. I will spend hours watching over them, playing with them, feeding them, and basically doing anything they want me to do no matter how stupid they make me look as long as they have fun. But my kids? Seriously, I’m not ready. Thankfully, my parents and relatives have Sofia to fuss over so pressure on me to produce grandkids (*cries*) has eased.

And just in case you, dear accidental reader, has heard strange rumors about me due to past stair-falling incidents, and then you hypothesize that sections this post further proves them true, then NO. I am not pregnant. Geez.

= =

I’m enjoying the 4-way email conversations with Ryan, Jet, and Ina. Everyone’s crazy sides seem to be surfacing. Even Ryan! *gasp*BOOM*faints* Yes, the pinaglihi-sa-anghel 21-year old–a weird spawn of this century–has shown that he’s not boringly perfect. =D Even his AYUNs (see footnote) have lessened. He even promised to return Jet to me in full working condition on Friday.

Ok, I’ll stop picking on Ryan. Hehe.

My work is stressful and boring at the same time. No wonder I love petiks.

= =

Ayun = The perfect word to insert between phrases and sentences to minimize strange silences and breaks in the conversation when a guy talks to a girl and is not yet fully comfortable with her. It could also be used by a girl during emergency situations (i.e. talking to one’s boyfriend on the phone when the boss is within hearing distance).


3 thoughts on “Moms + boyfriends + kids = ? (and etc.)

  1. “My kids will wonder what they did to insult their Maker to end up with a mother like me.”

    hahaha…i’m trying to picture it…

    aw, tita’s just being like that cos you’re her baby…eldest kids are always their moms’ babies…

    haha..don’t speak of having kids…am freaking out here…were only what, 2 years apart? crap..which means i have to start thinking soon too….crap…

    btw, yeah, you ARE justified…you ARE in riyadh :d

  2. Dia, at least you’re not the eldest–the one gifted with the responsiblity to carry the family torch. It used to be only given to males, but have you heard? Girls are “in” now. =D Someone smart finally figured out that they’ll end up to be more responsible and, by connection, disappoint less expectations.

    This is crazy. I shouldn’t answer comments at… *squints* 5am with no sleep. Arrrgh.

    No, don’t mention kids yet. I’m not terrified for myself. I’m terrified for the kid! Hahahaha!

    By the way, ninang ba ako ng magiging anak mo?? Mauuna ka yata. *dies*

    – Steffi

    P.S. Yes, someone agrees with me! This *is* Riyadh. =) By the way, if I were your daughter, would you trust me? =)

  3. haha…but i AM the eldest!

    yes, yes, you will be ninang….
    …i think also of all vlad’s 911 illegitimate children….

    bet: 500 USD says you get kids first,
    payable on birth of kid 🙂

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