I should be paid for ranting

Life is so… so…

Okay, so I’m royally pissed off because I’m working 3 hours overtime without pay. But if I don’t do this, my uber-pending will mutate into a mountain range of paperwork. Soon, I might not even have time to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I find it amusing to see the people I work for (mere technical titles as I manage to do what I want) fight over who gets my attention. It does not amuse me to see the result of their sulking: more work. I’m praying for this week to be over so the Donald Sutherland look-alike could go on his business trip and leave me with half of my uber-workload gone. I cringe everytime my cellphone rings and I see his name.

I am reduced to eating Starbucks chicken calzone for dinner and kissing post-its instead of my baby sister! For some reason, I cannot feel my face anymore and the colored spots reproduce with every item code that I enter. Out! Damn spot! *Rawr* (Forgive me, Shakespeare.)

[/rant ends here]

But life is too short to devote most of it to complaining. I have to remember that there is still black coffee and bran muffins–the finer things in life.

My torture is not yet over. As soon as I go home, I have to face The Treadmill. The Enemy. Fake Ground.

[Children are starving in Africa, innocent people die everyday in bomb blasts in Iraq, and underpaid workers slave through sweatshops in Bangladesh! Whay the hell am I complaining about paperwork and treadmills??!!]

Because I’m a heartless bitch. Tsk. =)

Or maybe I’m just not in a generous mood right now. Bavarian Doughnut (the person not the food) seems to be making a comeback in my life and it’s wrecking my newfound kindness. Add the job and the fact that I want the Motorazr so bad that I’m ready to sleep with Zanjoe for it, and you have… me. Aha. Ha. Ha.

I need a vacation.


2 thoughts on “I should be paid for ranting

  1. haha…vlad wants a motorola phone too…speaking of vlad, he shed his facial hair no..with lent and easter done, he’s through with his abraham-moses-jesus phase…spending his time and money on paolini’s eragon “& eldest…

    wawa k naman..send pics of pia…

    ps: sleeping with zanjoe…not worth it 😀

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