I shouldn’t have talked too soon because my meds are killing my abnormal cells

That thing on my previous post about not having fights… our unblemished record of existential peace… um, I just broke it.


I didn’t really scream my way into oblivion. It was pretty anti-climatic; I turned out to be a calmer person than I thought:

First 2 minutes: Rebellious silence
Next 10 minutes: Semi-emotional speech delivered emotionlessly
Next 15 minutes: Sullen listening
Next 15 minutes: Level-by-level patching up
Next 5 minutes: Sighs of resignation and final apologies from the other party
Next 1 minute: Final reminder (veiled threats)
Next 5 minutes: Civil stuff
Next 20 minutes: Giggling about other people’s lives (tsismis)

I was relieved that it went so well. Still, I’m a little disappointed in myself. Where was the glorious fight a la pinoy movie extravaganza where the woman beats the man’s chest while shouting invectives in crunchy (malutong?) Tagalog as the couple travels from the room to the kitchen and out to the garden while the neighbors watch the free show avidly?

Of course, my episode happened entirely through the phone. And I implode, not explode. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that I have disappointed my Sampaguita movie heritage. He was much worse. He was so nice and apologetic and honest that it would have been impossible to shift into Paraluman-taray-mode.

Some scenes look easier to do on film.

= =

My medication is really for my mysterious condition that my uber-fantastic neurologist couldn’t detect. Yet. So, anyway, while reading the product insert, I came along this section:

– Partial blah
– General tonic-clonic blah blah
In addition:
Acute mania and maintenance treatment of bipolar affective disorders to prevent attenuate recurrence.

ACUTE MANIA? BIPOLAR DISORDER? For anyone who might think I’m insane, then yes, you’re right. *lol* But these aren’t what I’m being treated for. Rather, these are probably accidental perks that some enterprising scientist discovered while testing the official drug on homeless, defenseless bums.

In truth, this is good news. No longer shall I agonize over worries that my craziness shall affect the lives of innocent people around me. I shall no longer hate long meetings and conferences intensely as I shall be like other people in this world: boring. My impending normalcy will assure me of a rewarding life as an ant. Or a sheep. Mediocrity rules in this world of BAA!

*lightning*claps of thunder*maniacal laughter*

Oh joy.

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