Dispersed Ranting

Yesterday, I read something that really REALLY annoyed me. But I let 24 hours pass before writing anything so most of my momentum’s gone by now. Instead of spewing fire and brimstone, I’m sitting here pretending to be diplomatic.

I have mixed feelings for Friendster but I admit that playing with the Bulletin Board can be quite amusing. I’m especially fond of surveys that allow me to give silly answers to stupid questions.

But yesterday, one particular post nearly made me laugh–not because it was funny but because it was *so* pathetic. I’m guessing that the writer wanted to sound cool, cosmopolitan, & brave. Instead, she ended up sounding self-righteous and downright bobo. I’d love to say more and squash her ego flat but the background story is something that isn’t mine to tell.

Oh, and for anyone else who might want to follow her example, if you insist on being the epitome of k00l when posting in a public board, just make sure that your English grammar and spelling’s perfect and that you have the right words if you want to use slang. You can be as idiotic as you wish in your blog but please save us from having to read your mess on our bulletins. Thank you.

= =

Yesterday was the most amusing/frustrating day so far this week. Highlights:

  • I am never ever bringing baby Sofia to work again. She’s adorable, pretty, and I love her to bits but she’s simply too hyperactive for my limited energy and patience… especially when I’m trying to compute the Overtime Projections. Her intelligence is so amazing that I sometimes forget that she’s only 13 months.
  • I love my doctor. Everyone had good reviews about him and I just confirmed that he is indeed gorgeous. My satisfaction is further advanced by the fact that I’ll never receive bills for my consultations & meds. =) There’s nothing like having a free family health physician and a cute dermatologist rolled into one.
  • I discovered two new ways of snorting loudly while trying to stifle a laugh. That both incidents were triggered by Jet’s unsuccessful attempts to kiss me last night is a plus.
  • No one in my family eats bavarian doughnuts but me.
  • I re-read my cousin’s Good Girls & Bad Boys post and laughed my head off. Again. The truth could hurt and amuse you. I just love Dia. =D

    = =

    A close acquaintance told me that a number of people are wondering why I don’t smile much while walking. She said she knew that deep inside, I really am nice, sweet, and lovely to be with (me: o_o). Then she added that I look so suplada when walking in public.

    I grinned and answered that smiling constantly at everyone tires me, especially when I don’t know them and don’t care who they are or what they think because they don’t even bother to say “hi”. Instead, they form opinions based on how I look while walking from one point to another. I am nice in general and I always respond to greetings directed to me except when they’re corny pinoy love songs sung by random individuals just to catch my attention. I also refuse to walk the whole length of Faisal with a vacant smile on my face. If particular persons assume that my poker face discourages conversation, then it’s their problem.

    All these makes me want to procrastinate in a BIG way. But duty calls. *groans* Back to work.

  • 4 thoughts on “Dispersed Ranting

    1. aww…pia!
      gawd…our parents should rethink this whole ofw (according to ala paredes: overseas filipino whatever)thing and have more frequent family reunions…

      and yes, as you love dia,
      dia loves dia 😀

      why people don’t smile/laugh why walking:
      i tried that once.
      in my attempt to regulate the intensity of smile and make mental notes of how many teeth should (not)be showing, and like how it would appear to people, do i look psycho, etc..

      ..i ended up being nearly run over by a car…

      so no more smiling for me…

      ps: yes, lent started like a month ago 🙂

    2. I know. We need to meet up–with everyone present–soon because some members of our family haven’t seen each other for a decade. Dad hasn’t even seen Gabby yet! O_O I hope we get to synchronize our vacations next time. Sofia’s so wow. =) You’ll love her. You don’t need a gym when she’s around.

      Ahaha! The suplada aura must be genetic. I was hoping that since we were gifted with supposedly “sweet” features, it would balance the zero smiles. Besides, I look scary when I grin constantly.

      I’m such a delinquent Christian. Good thing I had fish last night. Hehe…

    3. You should smile often when you walk. Just to get people wondering what the hell you’re smiling about. Nice layout by the way.

    4. Thanks, Gab. =) I didn’t make it, though. I’m just lucky that there are generous individuals who exist to create lovely layouts without charging others.

      Haha! I just might do that once. =D

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