Torn between Mikey, Vivian, and 90’s Sitcoms

There are some who pretend to be nice people but are actually snakes in disguise. There are some who are actually nice and boring but yearn to be uber-bitches and so they pretend to be such by saying things they don’t really mean–just so they could have what they’ve always hoped for: a kickass image. As for me, I do not know whether I’m nice, boring, bitchy, or what. I do not really care as long as I have enough money, food, and amusements. Besides, it all depends on the room temperature.

But if I am to believe what others say, then I must have the misfortune of possessing a “sweet” face. WTF? =O There goes my bitchy reputation ambitions. No matter how much you shoot your mouth off, people will always smile at you and ask for directions if they remind you of Lea Salonga’s Nido commercial. =P

However, since I’ve mentioned image… there’s one person I seriously envy: Vivian. Vivian from Vince O Teves’ “Vince’s Life”. Vivian the sexy, intelligent, innocently teasing girl/woman/child. Vivian the virgin slut. She’s a real person hiding in the guise of a fictional character and I’m almost afraid to meet her because I just might decide to turn lesbo and leave my fantastic lifestyle behind. I’m torn between wanting to be Vivian and bedding her.

While Vivian is someone I consider meeting personally, there’s someone else who I’m content to adore from afar: Mikey. According to him, he either looks like Jao Mapa’s fatter, uglier version or Judy Ann Santos. But looks aren’t important here. It’s his sheer, unapologetic bitchiness that drew me. *lol* His Friendster chronicles are classic boredom busters, if you’re the type who appreciates the fine art of sarcasm and insults.

In spite of my infatuation, I find it easy not to contact him and send hundreds of marriage and one-night-stand proposals. Knowing my personality, we wouldn’t be able to stand each other and there’s a big possibility that one would end up getting stabbed in the back before the honeymoon is even over.

= =

I have a continuing love affair with sitcoms. I adore sitcoms, especially when they’re populated by smart assholes. Seriously, I believe that the best of them have now ended: Frasier, Seinfeld, Friends… Nothing could equal those three when it comes to humor, script quality, and cast synergy.

But the new generation of series have a certain charm of their own. For one, they’re more brutal, bolder… more risque. And as exaggerated as they may seem, they’re actually more real than their predecessors with their ideally twisted characters. Why? Because the new ones mirror the sick dialogues that actually go on inside our heads. Nyahahaha!

Anyway, if you trust my opinion, which you shouldn’t if you have an IQ higher than 50, try Malcolm in the Middle and Scrubs.

Oh, and if you live in Saudi Arabia like me, and you’re currently viewing my blog and seeing strange blank spaces where images should be, that’s because the-powers-that-be (aka ISU) refuses to unblock I’m petitioning everyone who sympathizes with my blog’s situation to persuade them to unblock imageshack by filling out this form and risking their reputations for me. Thank you. =D


6 thoughts on “Torn between Mikey, Vivian, and 90’s Sitcoms

  1. ACK!!! VIVIAN’S MINE you &itch! lol

    malcolm in the middle rocks! loved watching that show.. alright.. alright.. i’ll download the new series for ya! phooey! LOL

  2. Thanks KUYA Vinz! *onlinehugs*

    But if you think I’ll give Vivian back in exchange for Malcolm in the Middle then you’re dreaming…. =D wait…. maybe I’ll just treat you to lunch or dinner instead. Hehe.

  3. Oops… forgot. =D Dia, you’re the first person who told me that you adore Frasier. We really are related. =) And Seinfeld taught me all about sponges as a method of birth control but it’s all theoretical for now, hahaha…

    We NEED to meet again and spend more time together than that measly 2 days we had last year. Tell Patty and Vlad I miss them too. I still laugh whenever I remember his explanation of the word “shart”.

  4. BLECH! KUYA KA DIYAN… *CURSES STEFFI* *spanks steffi’s arse*


    treat me lunch? and then tease me for being fat? dream on &itch, dream on &itch… lol

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