The Delinquent Blogger Updates

I have another one to add to my growing list of accidents.

March 7: I fell down the stairs headfirst. Actually, banged down the stairs is probably a more appropriate way to describe it. Hahaha… But first, let me be serious for five minutes and tell the gist of the story.

I lost consciousness. I didn’t even get a warning! One moment I was running up the stairs to the Post-Graduate when I suddenly blacked out and two seconds later *BAM* …I was out cold, with my head bleeding all over the place. A group of people helped me and rushed me to the ER (including my bebe Ina who was the first person I saw when I came to). Gaining consciousness was an experience. There was a crowd in the ER and everyone was freaking out so bad that the HN, Geoffrey, had to kick everyone out of there except for Dad and Tita Erlyn. (Part of me was happy to realize that I would have been missed had I actually died. =D)

But the worst thing was the stretcher. I had a head injury but they strapped my head to the stretcher and put a cervical collar; and everything was so tight I couldn’t move! My wound was pressed against the hard plastic for around 30 minutes and I had to beg and cry like some stupid damsel-in-distress just so they’d unstrap me and keep me from dying from pain.

And just when I thought it was almost over, I had to be checked for breaks. I didn’t realize that when they say “check for breaks”, the doctor has to touch your boobs, too. Since when did women grow bones there? I wouldn’t have been slightly suspicious had it not been for the side comments that came along with the mashing. Sheesh. What happened to medical professionalism?

Anyway, I was able to walk out of there with Jet, Dad, and Ryan because they pumped me with copious amounts of Tylenol. In spite of all the blood, the head injury was miraculously just an abrasion–no stitches required. I now believe I have super powers (or I just happen to possess an extraordinarily hard skull).

So what did I learn from the experience? I learned that news travels faster than light here in Faisal. In less than 24 hours, everyone knew all about it.

But I recovered quickly. I even played basketball two days after the incident. =)

= =

My last HH was so fun. Eleven girls showed up at Planet Hollywood and spent the rest of the night bonding. We even got long-stemmed roses from the mall because there was some flower festival going on. And though I liked the food and the drinks, I’m never going back to eat there again. Too pricey. =P

I suddenly miss Cris. We’re going to have our weekly meeting later this evening and she’s not going to be there. She’s not gonna return for another 6 weeks so I have a lot of time to make up jokes for her to laugh at. You better get back here Ato! We miss you. =)

= =

I dragged Jet along with me and Dad to the CFC Sportsfest in an attempt to lead a more physically healthy lifestyle.

And while I was basically useless as an athlete (especially in the volleyball division), I did have my shining moments. =D The most memorable was the three-legged race. Everyone in our team was *so* confident that Jet and I would win. We were supposed to be young, fast, tall, and active so it practically a sure win …until I lost my balance and fell just seconds before winning. *is a clumsy idiot* Dad and Jet were so scared that it was another fainting spell that they got so worried and fawned all over me for a few minutes. But I really just had two left feet. =)

Still, our Blue team won overall, no thanks to the men. It was the girls who won most of the games. =D

Two days later, my body still hurts. I desperately need a massage.

2 thoughts on “The Delinquent Blogger Updates

  1. haha…i was reading about the blood part, then i was gonna txt if you were ok…haha…but then reading this post reminds me of my friend who was in a serious car accident, and all she had to say for it was “yay! i got to ride in the ambulance” 😀

  2. Hahaha! Oh, I was scared, believe me. Especially when I woke up in the ER. But I find anything funny afterwards, even injuries. *lol*

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