10 reasons for staying up late last night

1. Vince’s Life
2. The CD-burning process
3. Tahiti
4. Pablo Neruda’s “If You Forget Me”
5. Reading my last text message
6. Office homework
7. Playing “Unbelievable” (by Craig David) endlessly
8. Planning Thursday’s lunch because I am going to cook (hah!)
9. Scanning last weekend’s best photos
10. Continuing the never-ending conversation

= =


* I have hopelessly become a “list” girl.

* Vince’s Life by Vince O. Teves. I have a million things to say about it, the themes, the style of writing, Spider, Vivian, and Connie, and why I think Vince studied in Ateneo (the semi-secluded spot sounded suspiciously familiar); but it deserves a separate, longer entry. I only have one definite conclusion: I do not like Andrea. Thanks to Vinz for ending the suspense by finally lending me the book.

* My dear darling notebook, James, has been begging me to free up some hard disk space. But I’ve been lazy with transferring files into some CDs lately. Especially since I still haven’t watched half of the dozen or so movies Jet saved in it.

* Lipton Tahiti is my current passion. It comes in cute little pyramid bags and it’s the perfect drink with a cinnamon roll especially when a girl on a diet is not supposed to eat anything at 2am. Judging by the current rate Dad goes through our herbal tea supply, I decided that I *needed* Tahiti NOW and BOOM! …I had the perfect reason for my midnight snack.

* I had been fooling around with Pablo Neruda’s gloriously happy/sad poem, “If You Forget Me”, for the whole day yesterday. My mini-project included ripping off certain classic and not-so-famous artworks off the net and it’s been keeping me ridiculously entertained. How apt. Everyone should read it.

* My last text message took me 30 minutes to write: 3 minutes to type and 27 minutes of thinking about sending it while re-reading it over and over again.

* I took 3 jobs home. I’m only managed to do 1.

* For the first time in my life, I forgot my dislike for Craig David and decided that this particular song was more than decent.

* Sauteed chicken and beef with oyster sauce and parsley. Basically a rehash of last Friday’s invention with a few editions. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so what the heck. Tomorrow, lunch is on me.

* The photos are all adorably funny, except for the fact that 99% are un-Friendster-worthy because of my presence. I ordered the others to obtain my permission before posting upon pain of death.

* I needed to type my reply–the current contribution to our (Jet and mine’s) unending email conversation. We have a special ritual, and I’m not about to stop the epic letter-writing marathon that’s been going on every single day for almost four months. The letters are special and continuous even if we regularly see each other or communicate with other methods. More than one almost-fight stemmed from being too honest in our emails, but it’s probably one of the 3 secret reasons why we’re so stuck together. =D


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