Weirdness, Gulong-gulong, and Chocolate Cake

I have a female friend who happens to be unlucky enough to have the worst boyfriend in the world. One of these days, some overly self-worshipping male might actually break his record but for now, he’s pretty special for today’s standards (I’m being generously kind here).

From: “My dear, you’re an intelligent sensible, independent woman. You know what you want, what you need and what you should do. If you think you should evaluate your life and your relationship, then fine. I’d support whatever decision you’ll make in the end.”

I changed my lines to: “Hahaha! Sheht. Break up with him. I don’t care if you spent the past 17 months with that asshole.”

My passive-supportive-democratic-neutral days are over.

= =

This weekend was so ODD I still can’t believe it happened. =D

Weirdness #1: I baked. Yes. Baked. Me–Ms. Undomestic Goddess extraordinaire. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what constituted “cake” until Thursday when I had the sudden inspiration to bake a big chocolate cake for Vinz and Tita Belen. It looked suspiciously normal so I handed it to Jet (who was so surprised he couldn’t talk). Then I spent the rest of the day praying that no one would die of food poisoning. But guess what? It was all right! Nyahaha! So I’m making another one (a better one with more choc and icing–by request) for the Thursday party. =D Oh, and I also baked a second one immediately for me and Dad, which is probably all gone by now.

Weirdness #2: I contributed exactly one game idea to the Sportsfest 2006: Chicken Run–where we’re supposed to run around linked together trying to grab other chicks from the rival team. =D So Ms. Bright Idea, moi, decided to join in and get some exercise. While doing 50 mph in a circle, I promptly tripped over Elaine’s foot and obeyed the laws of physics as our bodies threw themselves in a wide arc while our brains helplessly realized the simple fact that we were going to *crash*. I rolled over her, the dusty ground, and my poor abused cellphone–to the delight of all onlookers. Ouch. I also won a special award: Ms. Gulong-gulong. =P Another legendary SFC anecdote was born. (No! The “Water!!” incident has not died even after a year and a half! Gaddemit!!)

Weirdness #3: I cooked. As if I wanted to challenge my limited kitchen skills, I bravely announced that Ina and I would sponsor Friday’s picnic lunch, with me handling most of the load. I shook Dad and forced him to help me invent a meal on the spot since I knew ZILCH about cooking. (Dad only helped I swear–he couldn’t do anything much but giggle while threatening to tell Mom that his miraculously-reformed daughter was going to get married soon…arrgh!) I slaved over the stove for a little over 40 minutes and managed produce enough edible stuff to feed four people, including myself. They said it was good. But I was holding a plastic fork up in the air when I asked how it was. =D

Weirdness #4: This one’s so embarrassing I think I’m keeping this to myself. Hahahaha…..

Weirdness #5: I have the urge to break the scale. I don’t know how it happened but I don’t think I ate enough chocolate cake to suddenly gain 6 kilos over two days. There is something seriously wrong with that freakish scale. But I’m going to eat like a bird for the next century just to be safe.

= =

Hello, work week. I hate you. But I’m getting paid next week and I’m suddenly swimming with part-time jobs (that mean extra money) so I’m pretty happy. Sort of. =)

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