Baby!Jet and the-latest-work-dispute

I have a new crush. It’s hard to say how old he is, because it varies. But I like him best during his first three years. =D No, I’m not a pedophile (haha) but I’ve been looking photos of baby!Jet and I couldn’t decide whether I liked the baby more than the grown-up version, hahaha!

Ang cute noh?!

= =

I’ve been pissed off with work lately. It’s not the normal frustration that everyone feels every single day. I can live with frustration–that’s part of the pain of having to earn money. That one disappears after a good night’s sleep.

But this is different. This is a theoretical *slap* on the face. How would you feel if you get bypassed after slaving away for almost two years with endless mountains of paperwork, (unpaid) overtime, and unfulfilled promises? Sorely insulted, of course.

I need a drink. And I do not mean coffee.

On second thought, I’d rather have a vacation.

Not even the knowledge that I have a nice slot in the new offices upstairs could make up for this.

= =

I might get some part-time work as a research assistant. The pay isn’t that big but it’s negotiable according to the volume given, and the work’s pretty light–though I have to do it outside working hours. There goes my social life. =D


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