the Flowers & Candies & Diamonds

Flowers, yes. Candies, yes. Diamonds, not yet.


Besides, I don’t want anything. Not when I’m this happy. HAPPY VALENTINES WORLD!

I miss my friends in Pinas. We always manage to have so much fun during any occasion. Right now, they’re probably eating a heart-shaped cake and getting wasted… without me! *sob* Oh well… that’s what I get for living 5000 miles away.

But that’s all right. I still have this evening to look forward to. =D

It’s funny. I was so out of it yesterday (that headache nearly killed me) but now I feel like I could survive on two XO chocolate candies alone. =D There’s always a pattern. If I’m less than all right one day, I know I’ll always have tomorrow to look forward to because it’s guaranteed to be much better to make up for the sh*tty day I just went through.

This afternoon, I was surprised when a delivery guy came in the office with flowers. During the year and a half I’ve been here, every time someone came in with flowers it was always for me. So I was stumped because I couldn’t think of anyone at work who would possibly think about giving me roses when everyone knew I was no longer as single and available as before … then the guy approached and asked for directions. HAHAHA!!! No, they weren’t for me. (There went my ego =D) Lucky Leona. I directed him to her apartment.

So anyway, happy 214 everyone.

Let me borrow something from Tricia‘s blog to end this post. To all the girls out there:

May you be showered with more men or may more men shower with you or may you share more showers with more men. Whatever, basta may men and showers!

4 thoughts on “the Flowers & Candies & Diamonds

  1. i know. hahaha! i was single for 22 years. =D

    and as if fate was playing with me, i had to pay for a nice 214 with a really BAD 215. pththt.

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