I woke up with the worst headache in my life. Being dizzy didn’t help either and I had to drag myself to the bathroom this morning for my shower because no one will believe me if I called in sick (mental note: do not make loud jokes about taking the day off–in accordance to complaints about the godawful workload–just before your period starts).

And because it is that time of the month when I consider it a mortal sin to deny myself anything I want, I tried everything from the sweets tray in A4. I’m still tempted to go back but my newly-healed mouth sores might have a reason to resurrect themselves just to object to the calorie overload.

Speaking of junk food, I’ve been enormously fond of Pringles lately. Not that I’ve been eating a lot, but the last time I had some was three days ago and I’ve been craving for it ever since.

[Just how pointless is this entry?]

[I think I’m going to pass out. Damn. And I just ate breakfast. It must be all that sugar.]

I almost had a big row with Peebski yesterday. I was gearing up for one, but he was pretty silent the whole time so the row just dwindled into… a non-row. =P By the end of the day, we were giggling about our stupidity and making jokes about the reason why we almost fought in the first place. The issue is still unresolved but at least it’s already out in the open and we’re both willing to work something out. Even my friends found the long-distance relationship jokes amusing.

And, no, I am not going to wait for 6 years and do nothing (not if I can help it =O). Nor are we breaking up because of this teeny-weeny problem. It just takes a little reshuffling and resourcefulness to think of a way of getting around this particularly troublesome hump. Loyalty is important, but so is being together.

And now I have to cut my entry short because I have to go to some French or Canadian Embassy. Goodbye, multi-tasking.

[The world is tilting beneath my feet. You have no idea how tired I am of this sensation. I take a few steps and it manages to straighten out somehow. But not always.]


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