For You

I wrote about something that upset me. Then I deleted it because this day is too special for anything profane in print.

It’s our third monthsary. =) Wow. Three months. It feels just like yesterday.

While there may be a lot of things in my life that are at a standstill right now, a certain part of my world has been more than wonderful. And I have you to thank for it.

I’ve always thought that I’m a difficult person to be with. I’m unbearable, too opinionated, wacky even when stressed, controlling, self-absorbed, apathetic, and I’m prone to sudden bursts of sarcasm even in weird places. I could be inconsiderate, finicky, impatient, open-minded to the point of being crazy, and I didn’t know how to commit to anyone. But you make it seem so easy… and after a while I finally realized you weren’t kidding when you said you liked spending time with me. And you were actually serious about us.

Thank you for showing me everything beautiful I was too distracted to see before and for giving me the time to know you and be with you. I guess this relationship just took us both by surprise. But you know what… you still manage to surprise me in little funny ways every single day.

Yes, you do make me happy. You’re my partner, my friend, my therapist, and my guide when I become too absorbed with the destination to see that I’m taking the wrong way. You’ve been such a blessing that I honestly don’t know what good I’ve done to deserve you.

I love you.


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