a little death

at this moment, i look like a hepatitis sufferer. i’m turning yellow from extreme hunger. my favorite sandwich shop just ran out of sandwiches and i don’t have the energy to walk further than my office door to get anything to eat. =(

i haven’t been taking good care of myself this week, food-wise. my intake has been insufficient in proportion to my activities at work and at home (i’ve finally started working out regularly again). so far, i’ve managed to go through today on the energy provided by three XO chocolate candies. i hope there’s something good at home… i could use *real* food.

(and, yes, i still haven’t finished those damned transcriptions.)

but i like this day =) even if jet and ryan cancelled out on ina and me (hmph, men). and i still have tomorrow to look forward to as ina’s spending the weekend over at my place. =D

this has probably been my most boring (and listless) entry ever. but blogs don’t mirror real life. for all you know, this probably has been the most exciting day in my life.

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