Hell is Other People

WARNING: Rant coming this way.

First hour of the first day of my work week and people are already coming in with their grievances. It doesn’t help pointing out that the reason why they’re stressed and I’m stressed is that it’s their fault they have not started the paperwork early enough when they know for a fact (they were working here before I was even born gaddemit!) that in a place like Faisal, bureaucratic shit like paperwork has to go through 1,000 offices and signatories before anything gets approved–with each person taking his own sweet time. No wonder my “nice” juices dry up before 9am each day… grrr.

(These days whenever I say or type the word “people”, I automatically gnash my teeth and growl. This place kills diplomacy.)

Everyone knows that if they only follow procedure to the letter, everything would be fine and problem-free. But no… some just insist on doing everything last minute–stressing people out from one department to another while acting as if the world owes them an apology.

In my best barely-civil voice, I’d say “Check with me again in 3 days because that’s the minimum processing time” and yet at the back of my mind, I know that they’d be back early tomorrow morning (the really bad ones come back after 3 hours)–bugging me again before I could even swallow my coffee.

Yes, yes, I know. I gripe too much. I reserve my right to complain and bash people in this blog because Fate found it amusing to drop someone with my personality disorders (there are a lot, mind you) in the middle of this godawful situation. Yes… how many days more before freedom? I can’t wait.

The day will come when I’ll be handing in my resignation with a smile on my face. You have no idea how happy that would make me.

= =

Edited to Add: (8 hours later)

I’m calmer now. Much calmer. =) Thanks, Peebski. (I could almost see him shuddering at the nick; I somehow managed to find several ways of saying “PB”. But he really knows how to cheer me up.)

I had a haircut last Thursday before the alumni thing. Dina chopped at least four inches off my hair. *wah* But it’s all right… At least it has better looking ends now. And she was quite good. =D


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