On Detox, Vampires, Garlic, & Glam Rock Love

Okay, this is it. I’m officially desperate. Another declaration for another DETOX phase. How long I’ll last is another matter.

No chocolatey anything, no oily fried stuff (unless there’s nothing else to eat), no junk food including Lays french cheese, no cakes/cookies except for the dry bran muffins I eat everyday at breakfast, no sugar in any of my drinks (get married to Sweet & Low), and NO rice (if I can’t take it I’ll try taking it every four days). This is going to be torture. *wah* I think I’m going to have to graze outside Al Qussie every lunchtime just to follow my self-imposed rules.

(I think my breath smells like Tempra today. I figured I’m having a flu relapse. I’m spreading viruses all over the 4th flr. Ech.)

= =

I’ve developed a recent fascination for The All American Rejects. I spent the whole day yesterday and last night playing their songs over and over really LOUD with the speakers sitting inches from my head. I think it even helped me get rid of the coughing fits.

And while hearing Swing, Swing makes me happy, it doesn’t have the same effect as The Darkness’ songs. I love, love, love Justin Hawkins. It seems like my heartbeat automatically adjusts to Love is Only a Feeling; and I’m afraid to play it too often because I don’t want to get tired of it. I’m developing the same infatuation I had (and still have) for Aerosmith and their music… whether it’s going to last as long as my love affair with that band remains to be seen.

= =

I just finished The Historian a few weeks ago and it reminded me of how much I adored Bram Stoker’s Dracula back in high school. That book terrified me in a way that no horror movie or book ever did before. I was afraid to shut my eyes in the shower for weeks because I could always envision Dracula standing right before me! Although Elisabeth Kostova’s version of the enigmatic Vlad Dracul is much more gorgeous (Steffi you flake) than Stoker’s, it doesn’t make him any less scary. I’ve been eating a lot of garlic mayo lately and I’m sure that if and when Vlad (the other Vlad, not cousin Vlad) comes to pay me a visit, all I have to do would be to spit on him and he’d spontaneously combust. =D

The Historian was long and dragging in some parts (if you hate history, luckily for me, I love history), but the book is one good read that I won’t mind keeping. I already have two copies of Stoker’s and I’m only missing a couple of volumes in A. Rice’s VC, The Historian would be a great addition to my collection. I have to admire Kostova. It took a lot of patience to produce an epic of that magnitude. I could imagine all the research and passion that went to writing the book.

Speaking of blood, I need to get my period. Being irreg pisses me off sometimes and this is one of those times. My PMS seems to be dragging on indefinitely and the PMB isn’t helping either.

= =

I finally figured out why my breath smells like Tempra. The Halls candy was the culprit. Hahaha!!! I think I’m going crazy–both Jovett and I haven’t been exactly sane over the past week. And while we’d like nothing better than to sit and agonize while holding each other’s hands for hours, there’s a lot of shitty paperwork vying for our attention.

Honestly, the people volume is making me sicker. I hate everyone.

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