Girl/Guy and the Internet

EMAIL #1: Girl to Guy

PB, here are the recipes that I found on the net. Ano sa tingin mo ang masarap? I added the chicken recipe kasi I usually like chicken better than beef pero okay din sa akin ang beef (since you hate white chicken meat and siguradong yun ang gagamitin ko if I cook chicken, hehe).

(3 recipes attached.)

EMAIL #2: Guy to Girl


Based on the above mentioned subject, which recipe do you prefer to be purchased? Please advice.

Your fast reply and good feedback will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & best regards,

PB mo =)

EMAIL #3: Girl to Guy

Dear Sir:


With the cooperation of several underlings, I have collected sufficient data on the subject at hand. Upon careful consideration, which took the better part of the hour, I have finally reached a conclusion.

I based the decision on the cost of production, overhead expenses, availability of raw materials, and the personal preferences of the primary consumers. Of the three options, the Easy Lasagna recipe (ref no. 001) will give our company the highest rate of satisfaction based on the above-mentioned criteria.

I understand that our firm has not had the advantage of garnering enough experience to achieve the efficiency desired to raise our net profits. However, I believe that our choice of product coincides with our vision and mission and will contribute towards our road to greatness in the coming years. I am sure our Board of Directors will agree with this as soon as they study the analysis attached.

I sincerely hope that this will be useful to our growth in the long run.

With utmost respect,

Stephanie Ann ________
President of Undomestic Goddesses
Unlisted Address
Tel. No. Unlisted
(As only grammatical Gods of Literature have the honor of having her number.)

P.S. Sorry, darling, but I’m more used to spewing out useless b*llshit than you. =)

EMAIL #4: Guy to Girl

Hahaha…. ang kulitttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha… =D Ok, criteria 1 it is then.

[The End]


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