A Study In Progress

First of all, Happy New Year!

Yes, dear blog, I’m starting the new year feeling peeved. I cannot comprehend why people with fully functional limbs and joints would use the elevators just to go up or down one to two floors. I mean, if it were three floors, I would probably understand (though it’s hardly an excuse). It’s not as if they’re dragging a cart along or something. There are STAIRS. Yes, stairs–that wonderful no-commitment tool to fitness. No wonder a big percentage of the modern world’s population are overweight. Just knowing that the lift would stop at every single friggin’ floor gives me the motivation to run up the stairs to the top floor even if I’m already exhausted from walking around this huge complex in heels.

Now that I have that out of my system, let me start again… =D

Last weekend was pretty good. Joie invited me to his party with one condition: that I had to bring two specific persons with me. So I did. And they ended up having more fun than me, hahaha…. Oh, I enjoyed Thursday night especially since I got to bond with Elaine and a few others. Dad’s a natural social butterfly. He knew no one there but I just let him loose and he managed to collect his own circle of friends-of-the-moment in no time at all! As for PB, we had to force him to sing at first. But by the time Elaine and I reached the more interesting part of our long convo, he was squeezed between us (but managed to completely ignore us), belting out songs like there was no tomorrow. And by the end of the night, he was surrounded by his newfound fans, leading the chorus and monopolizing the mic.

Everyone was utterly charmed. I think Joie loves the both of them more than me now. =)

Though New Year’s Day started out pretty badly due to my inconsistent moods and work stress, Ina and I managed to end the night with a big misadventure. Hahaha… Scary. Silly. Adrenaline rush. And I walked away with a red leather belt.

Now, excuse me, I have to play a trick on my co-workers.


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