I spent around two hours trying to figure out how to shift my blog body over to the right. And whatever I do, I just couldn’t get it right. That’s what I deserve for wasting two hours of paid worktime doing personal stuff. Haha.

It doesn’t matter. I hate it already. I might change this layout tomorrow. Or later. Whatever.

It’s not that I have nothing better to do. I do have a lot to do, but it’s Christmas, and I don’t feel like working. It had a bad start: my boss called to say that she’d be one hour late and since she had the only key to the office, I called security to open the door for me. After standing in 3-inch stilettos for 35 minutes and two calls later, I assumed that the guy they sent had really short legs, judging by the time it took for him to walk to my place. By the time he arrived (he was around 6’5″ the bastard), he said he couldn’t unlock it because I was unauthorized. I stayed silent, turned into all shades of purple, and counted to ten while I stared at him. He relented, he must have known it would have been lethal to insist.

The above account notwithstanding, I’m pretty pleased with everything else. =)

[1.5 hours later…]

Anyway (yes, I’m back, I’ve eaten and I’m stuffed), my weekend was pretty good. That means that I was able to successfully bum around last Thursday while I crammed every single chore and planned weekend activity on Friday. =D In addition, I got a really fantastic surprise from my PB: I-TRIGUE speakers. It’s orange and white, stylish, and the sound is divine. I really didn’t expect anything but I was so amazed that he knew exactly what I needed. This *so* beats a giant stuffed toy. =) Then we spent the rest of the night eating loads of sportsfest-season-AC food and fooling around with the camera phone until practically everyone left and we were nearly locked in the building. Hahaha…

I adore my PB, and the gift has nothing to do with it. (He knows that, of course.)

I spent Christmas Eve with my 2nd family at Tita Chie’s house. I attended the last Simbang Gabi and Dad and I ate dinner in their house along with a lot of other nice folks from S/CFC. Baby Tophi was all over me–after all, we haven’t seen each other for more than a month! I missed him terribly, of course. And he talks so clearly now! He said my name for the first time last night, I nearly cried when he pointed at the photo on my phone and said “‘ta Ste-peeee!!!” =D

I suddenly miss Mom. And Jiko. And Sofia. *sigh* One can’t have everything, even if it is Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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