Stray Amidst Slinking Facets

Deny me taste
For I may run a foul
Leave me and be chaste
So I shall scowl

I will admit I was fazed
By splendor amidst a blaze
Thence enchanted by quirks
Naught by lovely skirts

Slap one’s façade
When trust is breached
Rather commit a charade
That may entice such rage

Provide me a glimpse
A dawn of embrace
Warmth by whims
Affection we shan’t forsake

Our fates are enter twined
That moment we’ve convened
Kindred spirits of benign
An instance I’ve not foreseen


It’s rare to receive a poem written for/about oneself. It’s even rarer to receive one this lovely. So I’m treasuring this one–not just because of the subject or its meaning, but also because of the writer.

Thank you, Vinz. =)


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