Never leave a computer unlocked

Sometimes, I can be the stupidest person in the world. ARRRGHH!

The situation? I used a computer whose owner is away on leave. It’s in the corner of an office with several other computers and there are only two other people in the room–both engrossed in their respective business. So I opened my gmail to read my friends’ messages. While reading one particularly long private email (I stress the word “private”), I decided to go to the washroom and do my end-of-day primping before 6pm. I figured no one would look at the screen since it faced the wall behind me and everyone was preparing to leave. After all, I’d only be away for 3 minutes max.

I was wrong.

When I got back, Dr A was sitting before the desk I previously occupied, staring quizzically at the screen while talking to someone on the phone. I waited for him to leave before asking the only other girl in the room.


Me: Tita Ana, I left my email window open. Haha…. I wonder if Dr A understood anything. It was mostly Tagalog.

Ana: Ah, yes. He asked me about it.

Me: *aghast* What??

Ana: He called me to check it out and translate.

Me: O_O ….. o_o What did you see?

Ana: Weell… *grins* I saw the word “boobs“. It just kind of… jumped out.

Me: Ehehehe. *gives some lame excuse about a joke* Um, did you read anything else?

Ana: No. Oh wait. There was one part where–

Me: What part? *turns brick red*

Ana: No. Nothing else.

Me: *dies* I see. *lol* It was nothing.

Ana: Uhmhm. Right. *snickers* Bye!


My good girl image just died a very painful death. +_+

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