This day didn’t really start out well. I didn’t realize that I have been neglecting my friends lately. I have to work on learning to listen more.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone is going to the same things as I am and not everyone can be uber-happy or lively all the time. Luckily, my friends are the types that are frank enough to tell me exactly what is happening and the three of us, as a whole, are mature enough not to get little irritations, pride, and defensive instincts to get in the way of understanding each other.

It’s just that they’re really important to me… like extensions of myself. What hurts them hurts me and I really want the best for them no matter what happens. The distance bothers me but it keeps me sane to hear from them several times a week even if it’s just by email or text. Riyadh could be a lonely place if one isn’t used to it.

The worst feeling in the world is to realize that one has been self-centered or neglectful of people who matter. What would I do without Email?

But luckily, we managed to sort it out. I’m hoping Trish will finally get the job she wants and continue the career path she has planned since she started out in Ateneo. And if she has to go to NY to find it, then heck, I just might go with her. Anytime. I’m serious. I need a change of environment or I’ll stagnate and die of something unheard of.

I love reckless life-changing decisions that just FEEL (even if they don’t seem) right.


The slightly stressful period is over. I’m starting to wear my hair up again–until I finally get a suitable haircut. Everyone’s been complaining about my long Sadako (or Marina, it depends) hairdo. *lol* I guess it gets in the way. I mean, this length is ridiculous. But thinking about getting a botched haircut and having to redo it by chopping off huge quantities of hair gives me heart palpitations. It takes forever to grow!

By the way, I did something special yesterday. I cooked spaghetti. Italian spaghetti. Faux spaghetti bolognese. O_O It may not sound like much, but if you’re me, this is like getting the Holy Grail. Because it actually ended up well. I mean, I had Jovett’s help and I had to take a crash course from Dad over the cellphone but what the heck… I managed to make something edible from scratch. *issohappy* I loooooove my appreciative ka-HHs. ❤

I have a long reading list:

1. The High Lord (BM book 3) – halfway through
2. The Undomestic Goddess – halfway through
3. Shopaholic and Sister
4. The Historian
5. The Time Traveler’s Wife
6. Eldest (as soon as Vinz lets me borrow it *lol*)

My to-buy list is even longer:

1. Foucault’s Pendulum
2. The Golem’s Eye (as soon as Jarir stocks it)
3. The Girl in Hyacinth Blue
4. Wicked
5. Wormwood
6. Eldest (I do want my own too)
7. Anne Rice’s Jesus book (I’m not Rice’s biggest fan right now but this sounded intriguing)

I should stop just staring at James and utilize him. I’ve been lazy lately. =) … so lazy I haven’t had time to work out and my “valid health excuse” ended two weeks ago. Yikes.


5 thoughts on “swak!

  1. i like your reading list.
    not necessarily the genres, but i like the length of it.

    unfortunately, undergrads don’t have the comfort of reading their eyes out as much as they want, so i go for the lesser substitute – downloaded TV series[es].

    my english is bad.

    currently addicted to
    1)Desperate Housewives
    2)The O.C. (note to everyone that it means Orange County, not Obssessive Compulsive as teh great claudzki thought),
    and starting Rome (the series).
    = deluding myself that they’re incentive schemes…

    congrats on the spaghetti!
    will post something similar when i get to make yema 🙂
    yeah, culinary talents don’t run in the female side of the family…emerald and jiko are into it, tho.. 🙂

  2. golly.. i’m almost finished with eldest, i hope the books will last me a month! argh..
    the o.c. hehehe… i’ve downloaded all the latest episodes. i think adam brodey is cool.. *lol*
    waahaaw senti ng blog mo steff hah. ;))

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