Last Night

I have been trying to solve Sudoku puzzles for the past few days. So far, i haven’t suceeded in actually completing one. After the initial flashes of brilliance (or so I thought), I’d suddenly discover that I made a mistake. I’d ditch it, of course… too pissed off to actually try to track where it started to go wrong.

(One particular puzzle I slaved over caused a nightmare. I dreamt I was the head of the Yakuza and invited my influential underlings to an out-of-town lunch after which I opened fire in the dining room, dumped them on the table, and told their chauffeurs to go home to their wives. My bad.)

Last night, for some reason, I had one of those sudden life-changing realizations. Funny because it happened while I was sleepy and bored out of my mind while testing the new optical mouse on James the laptop. And then… CLICK! It happened. Just like that.

My initial reaction was: =O. Then: O_o. Then +__+.

It was so shocking that I spent the next hour and a half trying to understand what exactly happened. Steffi, you have rejoined the human race.

I’d post pictures, but I don’t think I can right now.


5 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. sudoku sucks.
    i can never get it right.
    ..or i was never really good with numbers.
    [why the hell am i taking accounting again?]

    s’why i stick to good ole quickie crosswords on tabloid 🙂

  2. i can’t do tabloid crosswords. too easy. haha. i like torturing myself so i try (and usually fail) to attack the big ambitious ones.

    sudoku’s a new type of torture. it’s even worse than crosswords. you spend hours then suddenly discover you made a mistake somewhere and it would take ages to discover where exactly it is.

    we took management courses (trans. lots of math) because we were too nonconformist. it was either that or mom would try to persuade me to take med, which i hate.

  3. may sudoku na software game ah!
    maybe you should download that game… >:)
    i had biology in college… took it 3 times.. go figure… >:) *lol*

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