Princess Tiger Lily

I have lost a little weight. I knew it was the coffee. Hah! If I knew this before I would have started this brewed thing habit years ago. The uber-hyper effect lasts for as long as I need it to. I checked with Dr Abdoun if it was safe to drink coffee every workday, he said it was all right as long as I don’t exceed 4-5 cups. I told him I only took one. Then, because I was curious (and just because I was pakialamera, haha) I asked him how much he drank. He said he sometimes reaches 9 cups a day, sometimes even more during surgery days. Hahaha! And he was the one who warned me about developing tachycardia due to over-stimulating my nervous system.

Speaking of weight, I feel like if I shave my head I’d lose ten pounds. Honestly, my hair is sooo heavy. It’s too long. I know I should get it trimmed and have it layered so it won’t look like someone’s curtain that I stole. I just forget about it most of the time and at the end of the day when I finally check a mirror, that’s when the nightmare starts. =D

The rudolph situation is getting on my nerves. Why can’t i get just pms like everyone else? The post-stage is worse. Yes, there is a zit on the tip of my nose and it is not pretty… especially since I haven’t completely recovered from the star of bethlehem last week. Winter hates me.

Now for the real news: I have a new boyfriend and his name is James. Isn’t he gorgeous:

I was so happy that I took a pic of myself (with the bad hair and everything) at midnight:


5 thoughts on “Princess Tiger Lily

  1. omg… that zit is huge! (kidding)
    congrats with the new bf.. hope you’ll enjoy the dvds. and there’s more where it came from.. 🙂

  2. vinz, i have the sudden urge to go to your house and raid your movie and music collection. i don’t think james would mind if i fill him with “culture”. =D

    haha! you haven’t seen the zit yet. thankfully, it’s glory days are over. it’s on the wane, hehe.

    trish! i didn’t realize you were isabel!!! haha. gotta check out your blog.

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