It’s been a crazy day. A crazy weekend. Heck… a crazy week.

I haven’t done any of the things I was supposed to do. Instead, a lot of unplanned (and I do mean unexpected) stuff happened. Blank happened. (Now I’m grinning like an idiot.)

Day One: November 02, Wednesday, the pre-birthday. Oh yes, I’m twenty-two. I sure don’t feel any wiser, but I feel a lot older. It’s funny how twenty-one could sound so dewy and youthful while saying the age after it could make a girl feel like she’s on the verge of aging. It’s been a great bday though. My friends here in Riyadh prepared a nice pre-bday dinner for me (pasta galore!) and I particularly loved the gifts by Nes, Jay and Vinz. I also managed create a lot of trouble earlier that day on the 4th floor but that’s a long story and I don’t have the patience right now.

Day Two: November 03, Thursday, I did absolutely nothing. Oh wait! I got myself Mango jeans. Ridiculously expensive but beautiful jeans. *sigh* There’s nothing like classic denims to make me feel tingly all over. I’m officially a pauper but who cares?

Day Three: November 04, Friday. Tobey’s real birthday. Red Sand. Hidden Valley. Sand. Rocks. Stone. Desert. A lot of random people who were out because of Eid. Motorbikes. Food, food, and food. Writing silly slogans on the perfect sand. Dust in my hair. Heat in my head. I took a shower later and slept all day. I’d post the pictures but they’re not uploaded yet. Anyway, I only took shots of myself, Rachelle, and Tobey. No one else seemed interested in taking photos.

Day Four: November 05, Saturday. It seemed like I was going to relive Day Three all over again. I finished Eragon, can’t wait ’til I get my hands on Eldest. I ate nothing of consequence the whole day, just wheat bread, cheese, and donuts. Then I decided to sleep over at Jovett’s just because.

Day Six: November 06, Sunday. Greeted Kams and Mama Emma. I need to email a bunch of people who are probably out for my head. =D You see… I feel a little odd. More than a little odd, perhaps even a bit daft… slightly curled around the edges. I just had the most impossible conversation, said the craziest things, and now I’m not sure of where I am. But I like it. I like you. It’s blank.


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