I don’t know why but the song Private Emotion (by Meja and Ricky Martin) always brings back memories of someone I knew back in college. We weren’t particularly close, and we’ve only met about once or twice. But he made quite an impression. In any case, it’s my tune of the moment (Margaret is going crazy, having had to listen to it over and over in the office).

And while I’m on topic of songs, Nes and I ganged up on Jay last Wednesday, maintaining that it was The Calling who revived the current version of Crazy for You. I was *so* sure that it was Alex Band’s voice. Jay shut up, of course. To my chagrin, I discovered that it wasn’t The Calling but Sponge Cola. =D Very local and very good. So I emailed Jay yesterday to admit my mistake. (He had to draw it out. Hmph. =P)

= =

Manic-depressiveness seems to be the theme of the week. I’ve been swinging between incredible highs of happiness to unproductive depression every few hours. My insomnia is worse but I seem to be losing weight anyway so that part’s all right. I’m half afraid that I would regress and relive last year’s mistake (all due to a lapse of judgement on my part). But that wouldn’t happen if I can help it.

I’m in the middle of reading Eragon (half of Dad’s b-day gift as he’ll give me Eldest after I finish book one) and so far, I’m more than impressed with Christopher Paolini. Can’t believe this book was written by a teenager. The guy is three years younger than me! My only negative comment is that he seems to have borrowed a lot of elements from the Lord of the Rings series–as any halfway decent LoTR reader would notice. But I can excuse him for that. It’s a little hard not to idolize Tolkien. It’s even harder to surpass him.

(The LoTR hype caused by the movies a few years back was *so* annoying. The books were commercialized and while the films were excellent, the literature was almost ignored. The same nighmare is happening with Harry Potter. Only this time, since the books aren’t completed yet, it’s a case of commercial frivolity influencing the writer. *sigh* JKR hasn’t completely lost the magic, but sections of her latest books read like Sweet Valley High.)

It’s been more than four years but no one has won the bet between Kamille, Alet, and me. *taps fingers* I was so sure Kams would win quickly. She has all the characteristics required. And while Alet and I are far from hopeless, we aren’t exactly normal enough. We… have issues. =)

And we bite.

= =

A lot of things are annoying me right now. I’m in my wicked witch phase again and it feels so good to be cruel.


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