Yesterday was beyond busy. I did say that it was a good day to start new things, so I called Maan and asked if I could rejoin the HH. Good thing Cled’s little party was scheduled that day because I was able to meet a number of my future ka-HH.

I was also the favorite target of muttawas at Khurais Plaza. In the space of 10 minutes, two of them demanded that I leave the mall because my hair was showing. Self-important p****s. I wanted to brain them with my new Promod stilettos which, incidentally, I was able to get on sale. No one should be allowed to accost tired young women at past midnight on a workday.

I’m gonna miss Cled. But I’m sure I’ll see her again in a few months.

I’ll be having lunch with my beshies in a while. I initially scheduled this because I was so depressed. Now I’m not and I don’t know what to say, haha!

= =

Just when I was passing the corridor, this guy took a fancy on a stain on the linoleum and started twisting his rubber shoe over it. Oh my God, the sound made me want to kill someone. It’s just like when Jiko wanted to irritate me when we were kids… he’d start rubbing pieces of styrofoam together and I’d scream ’til my tonsils jumped. EURGH.

5 thoughts on “Associations

  1. assasinations and now associations… is there a theme going on? *lol*
    waw.. may mutawa parin pala sa saudi hahaha.. i’ve only seen one since i got here. >:)

  2. Isabel, muttawas are a sort of “moral police”. They’re a common sight here in Saudi ARabia and their favorite pastime is accosting young women whose heads are uncovered by veils, threatening to arrest them if they do not cover their hair. =)

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